Shanghai Xing Art Design Consulting Company was founded in 2006.
We are committed to shaping the artistic atmosphere of public space and upgrading the artistic quality of life.
We have the most primitive respect and reverence for art and will infuse our passion for art and persistence in beautiful things into every  single design.
We uphold the integrated, all-round, three-dimensional design thinking and way of working, giving the most perfect interpretation to the  design  of artworks and the quality  of space. We integrated the design team, process R&D team and production team, making seamless links from sorting out the concept of artworks to the design of each artwork, then to the finished products and further to the final on-site installation. It not only guarantees the deep implementation of the design philosophy from the concept to the finished product, but also to the execution of technology research and development in the production process,further to the cost-effective of marketization operation.

Our design concept is that “All things are Interconnected, Introduction of China and Integration of West”.
Guided and focused on the latest design concept, our design sources originate from Chinese culture.“All things are Interconnected, introduction of China and Integration of West”,which is our understanding of the design. China enjoys a long and profound culture, with three thousand years of accumulation, which endows us too much truth and wisdom. Absorbing and developing our culture, we will break the limitations of thinking, stay in step with world and connect with the world.